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Scroll down for a list of 2017 East Coast games offering solo tenor & bass competitions

To help solo tenor and bass competitors find opportunities to compete,
here is a list of the 2017 East Coast games I know of which offer solo tenor & bass competitions
(Ordered by date - click to go to games' website):

Scottish Arts Indoor Festival, Nashua, New Hampshire - April 1 (entry deadline: February 22)
Loch Norman Highland Games, Huntersville, North Carolina - April 8 (entry deadline has passed)
Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, Prince Frederick, Maryland - April 29 (entry deadline: April 1)
Scotia Glenville Outdoor, Albany, New York - May 6, 2017 (entry deadline: April 28)
Colonial Highland Gathering, Fairhill, Maryland - May 20 (entry deadline: May 2)
Smoky Mountain Highland Games, Maryville, Tennessee - May 20 (entry deadline: May 2)
Greenville Scottish Games, Greenville, South Carolina - May 27 (entry deadline: May 6)
New Jersey Irish Festival, Oceanport, New Jersey - June 11 (entry deadline: May 29)
Ohio Scottish Games, Wellington, Ohio - June 24 (entry deadline: June 11)
Jersey Shore Celtic Festival, Toms River, New Jersey - July 8 (entry deadline: June 24)
Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, Linville, North Carolina - July 8 (entry deadline: June 15)
Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival, Florence, Massachusetts - July 15 (entry deadline: June 24)
Capital District Scottish Games, Altamont, NY - September 2 (entry deadline TBA)
Virginia Scottish Games, The Plains, Virginia - September 2 (entry deadline August 15)
New Hampshire Highland Games (Loon Mountain), Lincoln, New Hampshire - September 16 (entry deadline TBA)
Ligonier Highland Games, Ligonier, Pennsylvania - September 23 (entry deadline: TBA)
Charleston Scottish Games, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina - September 16 (entry deadline unknown)
Scotland County Highland Games, Laurinburg, North Carolina - October 7 (entry deadline: TBA)
Central Virginia Celtic Festival, Richmond, Virginia - October 28 (entry deadline: TBA)
Stone Mountain Highland Games, Stone Mountain, Georgia - October 21 (entry deadline: September 25)
Ontario, Canada (multiple games)

If you know of any competitions not listed here, please email me so I can add them. Thanks!


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