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Massed Band Tenor Drum Scores (PDF)

Basic 4/4 Score:

Suggested Advanced 4/4 Score:

The tenor & bass drumming adjudicators at the November 2007 EUSPBA Judges’ Seminar spent the day developing a list of EUSPBA recommended flourish terms and symbols as well as massed band scores for tenor and bass drummers. We composed a 4/4 march massed band score (which can be used for 2/4s and 6/8s) and a separate 3/4 march massed band score. These were made fairly simple so that even inexperienced tenors could handle them, but they would not be too boring for the experienced drummers. Because many less experienced tenors find 3/4s challenging, that score was kept as simple as possible. It is only two parts for now. (Two more parts may be added to it in the future.) There are no eighth notes in it. More experienced tenors can add flourishes, such as inward spins, to the regimental three-beat piano if they wish.

The EUSPBA tenor and bass judges also want to acknowledge that we are aware of the evolution in recent years of tenor drumming and the diversion from the 16 beats of piano/rhythm, 16 beats of forte format, particularly in band competitions. While that is appropriate in band contests, we do not want to lose the tradition that is at the heart of tenor drumming. So we feel that massed bands is an appropriate place to display that traditional format. In acknowledgement of the modern trend of combining flourish and rhythm playing, in the 4/4 score some simple rhythm beats were added in between the piano beating, which can be played with as little or as much dramatic arm motion as desired.

We appreciate everyone’s help in encouraging your band’s tenor drummers to learn these scores. Imagine how impressive the massed bands will look with every tenor drummer playing the same flourish score! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if I can be of any help.